Amanda Holt Robicheaux works primarily in acrylic paints, experimenting with gel mediums, iridescent and metallics; creating layers of matte and glossy layers with minimal brushwork. Primarily using a palette knife to create more texture, occasionally drawing in with graphite, hoping to capture that ephemeral play of light on surfaces.


dob 1977

Amanda Holt Robicheaux was born in Caracas, Venezuela and lived there until her early teens. Her family is from Louisiana, and she moved to Lafayette in 1991. She studied Fine Arts and Industrial Design at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She worked with local southern Louisiana artists Wayne Ditch 1998-99 doing restoration and renovation. She also worked with Robert Dafford in 2001-2003, painting murals in Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana. She had her first solo exhibit at the charming original Cafe des Amis in 1996

Moving further south, from Lafayette to Franklin, Louisiana, seven years ago changed her everyday horizons. It has inspired her to work from the landscapes of the back roads of Louisiana, and local bird rookeries.